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GF Revenge Cheerleaders

What is more perverted, taking a peak at some super hot cheerleaders as they get ready for a game or not looking at some super hot cheerleaders as they ready themselves for a game?

At GF Revenge the videos are high quality and the chicks are fucking amazing. This is candid video at its finest! The site updates weekly and already has over a year of updates in the members area. Many of the videos come with high resolution pics. Watch coeds get drunk and stupid (AKA, hot, saucy, naked and sexy as hell!) as guys videotape their debauchery and post it on the net.

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Chav Van parking lot blowjob

Some guys cruise around and get some hot cock sucker to do their dirty-cock-sucking dirty work… Other guys are just plain nuts and quite scary.

Today we will focus on the former and their ability to get ladies in London to do things they wouldn’t normally be caught dead doing.

The Chav Van rolls across European landscape picking up hot babes and receiving blowjobs, handjobs, glory hole goodness and just plain getting laid. Follow along and its possible that you can learn a thing or two about getting hot babes to blow you too!

FTV Girls Bree stuffs her panties into her pussy

FTV Girls is like a dream come true. This guy gets the girls to do everything your girlfriend won’t do, but get this, almost all of the girls are complete amateurs with no prior experience! What does this mean? Think about it, these girls are girlfriends to somebody out there and they will do this on camera, but not for their own boyfriends?

Hey, no time to hate, let’s congratulate!

In this episode Bree stuffs her panties into her pussy and then masturbates with a vibrator. During her quest for pleasure she really jams those panties up there and then after orgasming, has a hard time getting them back out. Ahhhh, so fucking sweet to watch!

Apparently it is pretty fucking sweet from her end too, because once Bree gets her panties out of her pussy they are soaked!