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Futanaria Sword Fight

Without a doubt this has to be my favorite Futanaria video of all time. In it the girls start out having a sleepover and before long they have some pretty large cocks out for a sword fight. By the end they are both bathed in cum wondering how much their lives will change.

Futanaria Messy Facial

Inspired by Japanese Manga, Futanaria is all of the best Anime rolled into one, living, breathing, big cock niche!

The girls are hot, the cocks are outrageously large and the videos always culminate in an extremely messy facial! Futanaria has real girls stroking their fake cocks. They self suck and the girls often go down on each other. This stuff gets really kinky!

Take the Futanaria tour and see all of the girls and all of the kinky sex!

Futanaria Schoolgirls Cocks

The Internet is filled with strange things and that is what makes it exciting. Nothing can be more strange than hot babes with huge tits and even bigger cocks. The crazy shit is that nothing can be more exciting too!

Futanaria is a cross between a lot of different niches. First they start out with hot babes with big tits. Then they add some big strapons to the chicks. Then both of the chicks masturbate their fake hardons, suck each other off, suck themselves off and bang the shit out of one another. As if that wasn’t enough to float your boat, they give each other messy facials too!

If you like seeing chicks get slammed with cock, but you don’t like male butt dimples, Futanaria is going to be one exciting ride!