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Tushy Massage lesbian happy ending

Who says happy endings are for guys only? Certainly not the girls at Tushy Massage!

Babes come in to forget about life and zone out. Before long they are reminiscing about their college days and nights. Mostly the nights.

Nights where the frat boys drank themselves to sleep and the girls had to take things into their own hands. Mainly tits and pussy chub. It was all coming back and before long the massage therapist caught on. She ran her hand a little closer to her butthole and she didn’t flinch, in fact, she seemed to thrust her butt up as if to meet her in the middle!

Watch the video for the happy ending!

Kirsten eats Natalie’s pussy snatch

I thought I was done updating for now and then I run across the video of Kirsten eating Natalie out. I couldn’t not post it, that would be blasphemy to the Gods of porn!

So another FTV Girls video with lesbian pussy eating. Watching this video you almost catch yourself lashing that heavenly snatch with your own tongue. Almost… Truth is you actually do get at least a twitch out of it!

FTV Girls double fisting Kirsten and Natalie

Guys don’t dream of driving the smallest car or flying the smallest airplane imaginable. As kids we want to drive big rigs, fly 747’s and command aircraft carriers. Perhaps that is why we have all tried to fist our girlfriends at some point in time?

Girls have an easier time fisting each other. They have smaller hands and know what to expect. Today’s video is a handjob of another kind. Actually, it is two handjobs in one when Kirsten and Natalie go for a double fisting!

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