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FTVGirls – Shyla fingering her ass

There are happy endings, and then there are happy endings. Shyla from FTV Girls shows us that sometimes a happy ending can come from within.

I have seen a lot of things in my time and I have never seen a girl finger her own ass so sensually. I get the feeling she is prepping her sphincter for my cock. Like this bitch really wants it up the butt, you know?

FTV Girls finds amateur girls willing to get naked and masturbate in public. Occasionally they have sex with each other. Again, often in public. And when I say in public I mean it. Two girls eat each other out in a park with both car and pedestrian traffic strolling by. Two more eat each other standing up in a parking lot of a full office building. Several lucky guys take some cell phone snapshots on the way to their cars!

Sometimes FTV Girls uses a professional like Shyla Jennings. They even feature hardcore boy/girl scenes now. If you like big videos, real orgasms and crystal clear movies in HD, will make you a happy man and fuck me if that ain’t a happy ending we can all enjoy!

Amazing blowjob / handjob messy cumshot

This is one fucking amazing happy ending. If only every girl in the world could put this kind of love and enthusiasm into her work, we’d have world peace!

At I Love GFs the girls are all amateurs. Couples, girls and pissed off boyfriends send in their homemade sex tapes for you to enjoy. Fuck Yeah!

The site updates daily and is always looking for more candid porn so if you have some in your collection, you just might get paid!

I Love GFs

Sometimes the best happy endings are close to home. So long as home for you is a college dorm!

At I Love GFs they have an ever expanding archive of the world’s greatest homemade porn. Because it is homemade (or dorm made) the chicks are true amateurs. The sex is real sex. The orgasms are real orgasms.

The features thousands of girls and I Love GFs members send in new videos on a daily basis. Along with the amateur sex tapes you get hot candid photos. Think beach candids, self shot pics and public candids too!

Take the I Love GFs tour and you can see why they have tens of thousands of curious members just like you!

Huge Tits Handjob

This super busty, redhead with sexy freckles and huge tits likes keeping her clothes on while her man is naked. Some might think that must because she is into the whole CFNM fetish or something. Wrong!

This super cute redhead exhibits this kind of behavior because she is afraid her man is going to do something stupid like post this video to the Internet.


Well, at least only her huge tits are showing right?

Home Grown Video stocks this kind of porn because guys like this guy have a large set of balls… figuratively speaking of course.

Parking Lot Handjob

One of my personal favs when it comes to sex is receiving a handjob. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to leave me with a happy ending.

At Home Grown Video they receive submissions from people just like me and you. These people are usually open minded about sex. I guess they’d have to be if they are giving their personal sex videos to an Internet porn company!

Anyway… In this amateur video the girl gets half naked and gives her boyfriend a handjob in a parking lot!

Tammie Lee – Harsh Handjobs

Oh man. You really pissed Tammie Lee off. Get ready for a Harsh Handjob, sucker!

Plenty of things can get lost in translation. Take the term happy ending for instance. For most people this term is as it sounds… happy! But for a select few their idea of being happy is being tortured in a sexy, mean, hot way!

That is where Harsh Handjobs comes in. They will beat you into submission, literally!

Pantyjob redhead Absolute Handjobs

What starts out as a phenomenal handjob from a redhead named Smokie turns into an even better hybrid job once when introduces her satin panties to his cock and balls!

Absolute Handjobs has lots of handjob videos, but hey, even handjobs get old after a while. Just ask anybody whether or not they prefer masturbating or getting their cock sucked off! So these guys also give you access to the other sites they run in a ton of niches. Take the tour and check out all of the juicy details!