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Happy Tugs Rosemary

In Japan they say that happiness is only a tug away… I am pretty sure a tug in Japanese doesn’t mean a handjob like it does in English, but why kill my dreams? At Happy Tugs all of your dreams come true and happy endings are just par for the course!

The site is the latest site by the Reality Kings. These guys have been in the porn business for many years and have been peddling it online for over a decade. Each site in their network is top-notch. They don’t know what sucking is… unless you are talking about blowjobs. They definitely know what blowjobs are!

Gaping Anal Explosion

Sexy coed teen is giving her boyfriend a blowjob in the bathtub when he has another idea. After shoving his fingers up her ass for a bit he rams his rock hard cock in her butt for some explosively gaping anal!

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Happy Ending Myka

Boy, you want to talk about a day that just keeps getting better and better? I just posted about the latest hottie from Happy Tugs named Mika and before it can even tell me my post is done, a new girl is added to Happy Tugs by the name of Myka. Talk about a happy two-fer!

This Asian babe is a bit chunky. She looks like she could soak up a boatload of cum. She also looks hungry for cock too!

Happy Tugs Mika

This time around an average Joe walks into the Asian massage parlor looking for some rest and relaxation. As his massage progresses Mika realizes she can get some extra tip money when she sees his cock twitch. Remembering old times during Vietnam the guy is game for getting a happy ending and Mika uses both hands to pleasure his cock meat with Happy Tugs!

One password and you get unlimited access to one of the highest quality networks ever created. The Reality Kings have been treating their customers with the utmost respect for a decade. They put terms like MILF on the map with their award winning sites like MILF Hunter and Big Naturals. You won’t find anything better, believe me, I have tried. Grab your own RK.com password and liberate yourself from the bullshit!

Happy Tugs Adrianna

When it comes to feeling happy and refreshed there is nothing like a happy ending to give you that, “Ahhhhhh!” feeling.

Happy Tugs has dozens of masseuses on call at any given time. Guys come in and think they are just going to get a handjob, but then the girls climb aboard and fuck their brains out. What the guys also don’t know is that they are being video taped the entire time!

Broke Amateurs Asian

I am sure nobody needs to tell you that prostitution is the worlds oldest profession. All the way back to the caveman days chicks have been offering up that pussy to use our beds, drink our water and enjoy our fire. These days chicks trade sex for cash. At Broke Amateurs they bang young hotties for cash. It is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!

Take the Broke Amateurs tour. Even some of the Internet’s hottest hotties need cash once in a while. I guess you could call Broke Amateurs the Cash Call for porn stars!

Happy Tugs Yuki Mori

Oh yeah, Fucky Sucky long time! Yuri Mori is one horny little Asian bitch. Her slutty ways are known all over the world. Guys fly in to take a bite out of her Asian pussy. In this Happy Tugs episode she was beginning to think this guy gay. Most guys put some moves on her right from the get to. Was it possible this guy didn’t know who she was? Sure as shit, he made an offer though… One this tight little bitch with the tight little cunt couldn’t refuse!

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When it comes to handjobs and happy endings one place always comes to my mind. It is called Pure CFNM. There you will find hot babes jerking guys off. The guys are naked and the girls have clothes on. Usually not a lot of clothes on. The idea is that a guy gets caught and the girls want to see his winky make cum. You know, the stuff you probably experienced as a curious kid. Or wish you did!

Happy Tugs Evelyn Lin

When you go in for an Asian massage most girls are willing to go the extra mile for an extra big tip. At Happy Tugs girls like Evelyn Lin will whack your pud for you and, in her case, even blow your cock before fucking your brains out. The happy ending is supposed to be for your benefit, but who is going to stop an Asian hottie from orgasming as she bounces around on your hard cock?

Happy Tugs Mia Lelani

When guys come into the Oriental massage parlor at Happy Tugs they are surprised to see such beautiful women like Mia Lelani. Her body is a work of art with perky big tits (for an Asian) and a shapely ass that isn’t fat, just juicy!

Happy Tugs has a special way of ending a massage and the word about their exceptional endings is growing. Each week a video is selected for the public and members can watch any of the videos at any time. They also get access to the entire Reality Kings network of 28 award winning web sites. Other sites like Big Naturals, Mikes Apartment and Pure 18 feature more hot Asians taking huge cock. Get your own happy ending at Happy Tugs!

Happy Tugs Tina Lee

Happy endings start with happy beginnings and there is no better way to start a massage then to have a nice curvy Asian hottie like Tina Lee working your soar and tired muscles. This juicy tart knows a guy needs more than the law allows and she isn’t afraid to make him happy!

Happy Tugs features hot Asian girls doing what Asian girls do best, giving handjobs for cold hard cash!

The fun doesn’t stop there though… Once that cock is worked into a hard pole the ladies spread their luscious legs and take that man meat deep into their cunt. Chunky Asian girls like Tina Lee can bring a guy to climax in minutes!

MIley Villa in Cumfu.com threesome

Sure, a happy ending with one hot Asian babe stroking your cock with an occasional lick/suck is nice, but two is definitely more appealing!

Miley Villa and her small tits Asian friend decided to have sex in a very public place one day. As one would expect a passerby became intrigued by what he thought he saw; two hot Asian girls having lesbian sex! The girls were in for a big bonus as it turns out this guy had an eight inch cock!

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Tits and Tugs Jana titty fucking

Oh, thank you, Jesus!

Jana from Tits and Tugs is heaven sent. Talk about your happy ending! Her huge cock knockers do all of the work and that leaves her hands available for rubbing her creamy pussy and cracking your ass!

Tits and Tugs shoots in extreme HD at 1280×720! The pics are even bigger. The juggs are even bigger than that. You cock is going to splooge a cum wad even biggerer than that!

Tushy Massage lesbian happy ending

Who says happy endings are for guys only? Certainly not the girls at Tushy Massage!

Babes come in to forget about life and zone out. Before long they are reminiscing about their college days and nights. Mostly the nights.

Nights where the frat boys drank themselves to sleep and the girls had to take things into their own hands. Mainly tits and pussy chub. It was all coming back and before long the massage therapist caught on. She ran her hand a little closer to her butthole and she didn’t flinch, in fact, she seemed to thrust her butt up as if to meet her in the middle!

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Sofie is busted by daddy!


After being caught masturbating to her best friend’s father’s porn collection Sofie said she’d do anything if he didn’t tell his daughter about it. He decided he’d test her on that one and ordered her onto her knees. Sofie instantly realized what she’d have to do to keep this quiet and she began talking dirty.

Hearing the kinky things his daughter’s friend has to say about him made his cock get hard in an instant. Sofie wasn’t sure about the situation so she just patted his hardon at first and then began rubbing it through his pants as she became more comfortable.

Soon his cock was raging hard and it needed some skin on skin contact. Sofie took his cock out of his pants and gave it some quick pulls before faking like she was going to suck it. She knew what comes out of a mans cock when he orgasms so she thought it best to give him a handjob only.

Before long Sofie was having too much fun. She enjoyed teasing him and asking if he wanted to stick his big strong man cock into her tight little pussy. He couldn’t believe the mouth on this girl! Then she got things really cranking once she wet his cock with her spit. He couldn’t help but imagine she was gobbling up his sperm already!

After some more pulling on his member Sofie’s friend’s dad blew his cock juice into the air. She had never seen it fly that far and was quite surprised. She kept jerking his cock wanting to see huge gobs shoot through the air again, but it just kept oozing out like hot white lava instead. Sofie thought to herself that his man juice was super hot! She wondered what it tastes like?!?!

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Annie the Happy Tugs hottie!

Like most Asian women Annie is a hottie. She has perfectly tanned skin and her tits are perfect globes of perky flesh. She has a bubble butt that just won’t quit, but looks tight and firm in her panties.

One of Annie’s friends named Celia Vi told her about a way she could supplement her massage income. When goes get semi-hard it is like a calling card that they want a happy ending. All Annie would have to do is finish them off with an Asian handjob!

Happy Tugs updates weekly with a new hot Asian handjob and like Annie most girls can’t stop at just jerking the guy off. Their tight Asian pussies get wet and need attention too. After a quick sucky-sucky it is fucky-fucky long time!

Mrs. Sexton the Granny Stroker

Back in high school Mrs. Sexton was the song leader in her cheerleading squad. She got married to the quarterback and they had some great times together. She really made a sweet ass trophy wife for her hubby. Once he got a younger secretary though, her ass got kicked to the curb!

It’s not all bad though… Since then Mrs. Sexton has been giving handjobs to the younger guys on her street. They can’t believe this hot piece of ass is giving away a happy ending and she can’t believe the boys still want her as she approaches 50 years old!

Hey, with a body like that, anybody in their right mind would get on board her Club Tug!

Oriental Handjob Slut Cum Blasted!

Even such menial jobs as massage therapist have their scary moments. When a guy hasn’t busted his nut for months he tends to explode with a force not seen by the Asian community since WWII. This little Asian slut was giving her American customer a handjob and she could tell by the hardness of his cock that he needed some relief.

It was time for the Happy Ending and she looked on with amazement. Then his cock bounced a huge splatter of cum off of her forehead and she wondered if she should have donned some safety glasses. Too late. Another spurge hit her right in the eye!

Oh well, just another casualty at Cum Blast City!