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Asian XXX Tube

I don’t normally tell people about other Asian tubes, but this one is pretty fucking fantastic. It is called Asian XXX Tube and the guys that run it keep it updated several times a day. I wish I had that kind of time, but I have a lot of projects I work on. They seem to devote a lot of time on this tube and it really shows with the quality and the quantity of videos they provide. For free!

The videos page is packed with nothing but Asian XXX videos. They have girls from ever Asian and Pacific Island nation on the globe. The hottest Asian porn stars are all there as well. Not only do they have the American notables, they also have the girls that were born in places like Japan, and who work only in their native homeland.

Get your happy ending in the privacy of your own home with a different girl each and every time.

London Keyes Blowjob

Finding an Asian hottie with huge tits like London Keyes while viewing free streaming porn is the ultimate discovery. Watch London Keyes blowing a hard cock in the shower in its entirety. Nothing is cut out of this one. In one foul swoop this bodacious Asian works a cock big enough to double as a walking stick until it ejects the magic goo all over her pretty little face. Now that is what I call a happy ending!

Japanese Bukkake

I swear that I could watch Japanese girls getting bukkake facials all life long and never get tired of it. I am getting so many happy endings porn videos that I am on overload. If that is even possible. The best handjob porn links are piling up, but on the weekends I do double duty to watch them all.

Happy Tugs Mya

There is nothing more pleasurable to an Asian masseuse than fulfilling the needs of an American serviceman. When this G.I. popped into the Happy Tugs parlor he genuinely just wanted to get a deep muscle massage to help with some leg cramping. Mya mistook his request to be code for some under the towel entertainment and the next thing you know this guy is having a happy ending he never expected to receive!

Sharon Lee

Those crazy motherfuckers in North Korea. America has had to keep a base in South Korea for the better part of a century because these numb-nuts think they own the fucking free world. When guys come back from a tour they have a case of the yellow fever and there is only one cure, a happy ending!

Happy Tugs has a happy ending for everybody. Get 30 sites in the Reality Kings network and enjoy some sweet porn!

Mandi Happy Tugs

When Mandi landed in Miami she didn’t know what to think. Everybody was dressed so nice and they all drove such nice cars. She wondered how she could ever afford to fit in. Then a friend told her about Happy Tugs. A massage parlor where Asian babes give American guys a happy ending for a nice tip.

Now Mandi has more money then she knows what to do with!

Happy Tugs Gaia

In the past I didn’t think Asian women could get fake tits. They have such tiny bodies, why fuck with perfection?

Then I saw Gaia from Happy Tugs and I was blown away! Her luscious body is a perfect foundation for some mammary monuments!

Get a happy ending with Gaia and her friends every week!

Happy Tugs Rosemary

In Japan they say that happiness is only a tug away… I am pretty sure a tug in Japanese doesn’t mean a handjob like it does in English, but why kill my dreams? At Happy Tugs all of your dreams come true and happy endings are just par for the course!

The site is the latest site by the Reality Kings. These guys have been in the porn business for many years and have been peddling it online for over a decade. Each site in their network is top-notch. They don’t know what sucking is… unless you are talking about blowjobs. They definitely know what blowjobs are!

Happy Tugs Mia Rider

Damn! Look at the size of her tits! I didn’t know Asian girls could grow juggs that fucking luscious!

Mia Rider gives a Jessie James look-a-like the happiest handjob of his life. Happy Tugs updates weekly with new episodes shot in real Asian massage parlors. If you have the cash, you can get more than a handjob from these exotic babes. Mia Rider gets so fucking hot between the legs that she gives this guy a blowjob before they even discuss the tip!

Happy Ending Myka

Boy, you want to talk about a day that just keeps getting better and better? I just posted about the latest hottie from Happy Tugs named Mika and before it can even tell me my post is done, a new girl is added to Happy Tugs by the name of Myka. Talk about a happy two-fer!

This Asian babe is a bit chunky. She looks like she could soak up a boatload of cum. She also looks hungry for cock too!

Happy Tugs Mika

This time around an average Joe walks into the Asian massage parlor looking for some rest and relaxation. As his massage progresses Mika realizes she can get some extra tip money when she sees his cock twitch. Remembering old times during Vietnam the guy is game for getting a happy ending and Mika uses both hands to pleasure his cock meat with Happy Tugs!

One password and you get unlimited access to one of the highest quality networks ever created. The Reality Kings have been treating their customers with the utmost respect for a decade. They put terms like MILF on the map with their award winning sites like MILF Hunter and Big Naturals. You won’t find anything better, believe me, I have tried. Grab your own password and liberate yourself from the bullshit!

Happy Tugs Adrianna

When it comes to feeling happy and refreshed there is nothing like a happy ending to give you that, “Ahhhhhh!” feeling.

Happy Tugs has dozens of masseuses on call at any given time. Guys come in and think they are just going to get a handjob, but then the girls climb aboard and fuck their brains out. What the guys also don’t know is that they are being video taped the entire time!

Broke Amateurs Asian

I am sure nobody needs to tell you that prostitution is the worlds oldest profession. All the way back to the caveman days chicks have been offering up that pussy to use our beds, drink our water and enjoy our fire. These days chicks trade sex for cash. At Broke Amateurs they bang young hotties for cash. It is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!

Take the Broke Amateurs tour. Even some of the Internet’s hottest hotties need cash once in a while. I guess you could call Broke Amateurs the Cash Call for porn stars!

JAVHQ Mari Yamada


If you are looking for the head quarters to Sony you can either look in a phone book or just check the LOLSEC twitter page and I am sure they have it posted somewhere. But if you want to get to the center of Japanese adult videos you should look no further then JAVHQ! They update every day of the week with the high quality, uncensored Japanese porn!

With one password you can access each of the sites in the network with no restrictions. Download all you want!

Happy Tugs Yuki Mori

Oh yeah, Fucky Sucky long time! Yuri Mori is one horny little Asian bitch. Her slutty ways are known all over the world. Guys fly in to take a bite out of her Asian pussy. In this Happy Tugs episode she was beginning to think this guy gay. Most guys put some moves on her right from the get to. Was it possible this guy didn’t know who she was? Sure as shit, he made an offer though… One this tight little bitch with the tight little cunt couldn’t refuse!

With one password you can access all of the Reality Kings web sites. Watch exotic babes from around the world smoking cock and riding it like it was their last day on Earth!

Happy Tugs Evelyn Lin

When you go in for an Asian massage most girls are willing to go the extra mile for an extra big tip. At Happy Tugs girls like Evelyn Lin will whack your pud for you and, in her case, even blow your cock before fucking your brains out. The happy ending is supposed to be for your benefit, but who is going to stop an Asian hottie from orgasming as she bounces around on your hard cock?

AVIdolz Mimi Kousaka

Is it even possible that one Japanese porn site can have everything you ever wanted in Asian porn all under one domain name? I truly believe it is and that sites name is With one site you get dozens of authentic Japanese production companies from dozens of niches. AV Idolz has all of your favorite Asian idols doing hardcore, softcore and some stuff that is in between!

AV Idolz breaks down the sites navigation into it’s most basic component parts. First you start with the make: do you want anal? Creampie? Bondage? Solo? Handjobs? etc… Then you go with the model: Here you can either go literal with models like Mimi Kausaka or decide on the type of media, such as pictures or videos. Then it is time to pick your interior: Chubby? Big Tits? Petite? Shaved? Hairy??? Finally, what are they doing? Is she a housewife? A schoolgirl? A Japanese Kimono girl? There are hundreds, upon hundreds of possibilities!

But there is only one way to get it all right now and that is by taking the AV Idolz tour!